Friday, 20 September 2019

How to take care of Oral Health the ayurvedic way

Ayurvedic oral hygiene:

Oral health of the person defines the overall well-being of a person. If you are orally unhealthy, your physical health cannot be considered perfect. People often ignore their dental hygiene. But this is not a good idea. Only brushing your teeth cannot suffice the proper dental care. We all use chemical-based products to clean our mouth. However, Ayurveda has the best dental tips to take care of the teeth.

How to take care of dental health/oral hygiene using Ayurveda tips?

  • Try herbal toothpaste
  • Use sesame oil
  • Chew liquorice root
  • Try cloves
  • Use edible camphor

Try herbal toothpaste
Using a herbal toothpaste helps to prevent the tartar build-up in the teeth. Brushing the teeth with a clove, fennel, neem, babool, Mulethi etc. helps to make the gums healthy and teeth strong.
Use sesame oil
Sesame oil is believed to be one of the best Ayurveda tips to take care of dental health. Gargling the mouth with sesame oil and lukewarm water helps to kill bacteria and give beautiful teeth. It even prevents the wisdom teeth pain.
Chew liquorice root

Liquorice root helps to generate more saliva. Saliva is necessary for washing off the bacteria build up in the mouth. It helps to keep the gums healthy and prevent tooth decay. Earlier, people use to chew liquorice root to keep their dental health good.
Try cloves
In case of gum swelling or a toothache, always keep the clove between the two teeth. Let it stay for around half an hour and then take it off. One can also drink clove water or clove tea to bring relief to a toothache.

Use edible camphor

Applying edible camphor to the teeth which are paining is another way to bring immediate relief. But make sure you use the edible camphor which does not harm your health if mingled with the saliva.

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